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Contact Form Plugin

WP Contact Forms with CAPTCHA and Validation


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Contact Form Plugin

Looking for a feature-rich, mobile-ready, anti-Spam contact form plugin for your WordPress site? Look no further! You've just found it! ;)


Here are top reasons why you should buy this plugin:

check_blue_mm.png2 minutes to setupstyle!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngNo gimmicks! just the features you need!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngWorks with any theme!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngTens of CSS3 styles included!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngVisual Composer support!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngUnlimited number of forms line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngShortcode & widget support line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngMultiple recipients, CC & BCC line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngFile attachments, plus validationline.pngcheck_blue_mm.png"Accept Privacy Policy" field for GDPR compliance feature_new.pngline.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngSpam, CSRF & XSS protection!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngOptional anti-Spam flood protectionline.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngE-mail & IP address blacklists line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngBuilt-in image CAPTCHA!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngBuilt-in hidden CAPTCHA! (honey pot)line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngBuilt-in riddle CAPTCHA! (i18n-ready)line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable form field labels line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable submit button text line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable e-mail subject & body!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable automatic response!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable subscription notification!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable subscription verification!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable newsletter field label line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCompatible with WPML, qTranslate, etc.line.pngcheck_blue_mm.png"Front-end only" .PO file!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngSMTP support (with TLS\SSL)line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCustomizable "From:" header!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngPlain text & HTML email support line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngOptional redirection on success line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngOptional last name requirement line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngAutomatic subscriptions line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngOptional subscription notification line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngE-mail address verificationline.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngPer-form configurations line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngWeb accessibility best practices line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngOptional WAI-ARIA landmark roles line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngCross-browser support line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngUnobtrusive JavaScript\AJAXline.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngUnobtrusive client-side validation line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngMobile-friendlyline.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngRetina-ready!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngOptimized CSS, HTML, and JavaScript line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngFast! minimum HTTP requests line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngLeast 3rd-party dependenciesline.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngOptional "no relay" (for iPage, GoDaddy, DreamHost, etc)line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngSemantic structure line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngFree automatic updates line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngTop-notch support!line.pngcheck_blue_mm.pngAnd really much much more...


Available fields headings_mm.pngPlease note, this plugin offers these fields only as it's a contact form plugin and not an all-in-one "form builder" plugin like NinjaForms for example.

  • Name (with optional full name requirement)
  • Phone (you can choose to use HTML5 'tel" field type)
  • Email (you can choose to use HTML "email" field type)
  • Recipient (very versatile, indeed one of the features that makes this plugin one of the best)
  • Address (street, city, zip, state, and country)feature_new.png
  • Message
  • Attachments
  • CAPTCHA's (Image CAPTCHA, hidden or "honey pot" CAPTCHA, and riddle CAPTCHA with localization support)
  • Send a CC to yourself
  • Subscribe newsletter (for CSV export, no Mailchimp API integration yet but you can easily import the CSV file absolutely anywhere including MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, etc)

Video Tutorialsheadings_mm.png

play_mm.pngScreencast 1: Ready-made contact forms in 2 seconds!

play_mm.pngScreencast 2: No coding required! Just point and click!

play_mm.pngScreencast 3: Create form-specific configurations

play_mm.pngScreencast 4: Create complicated recipient menus

play_mm.pngScreencast 5: Customize and translate everything!

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5 - 7 - 2018


WordPress 4.9.x



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CSS, HTML, Images, JavaScript, PHP, SVG

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IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS Safari, Opera Mini, Android Browser, Chrome for Android, iOSSafari, OperaMini, Android



Utilities, Mobile, Widgets, Responsive, Forms