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Splash screen
Social Media links
Web based Application
Call now and Email button
Ads implementation.



App includes offline applications like embedding data in application to be use without sync.
Splash screen
Ads implementation.
Offline / Not server based App
Call now and Email button
Social Media links



Social Media links
Call now and Email button
Server based / Online application
App includes server based app with centralized db and API to provide data to android app.
Ads implementation.
Splash screen

Are you looking for an experienced programmer or a team who can develop a android app for you? Then you are in the right place!

We are a complete team of Programmer, Designer And Developer providing Cross platform App development service Worldwide.


App Features :

  •  Events app
  •  Sports app
  •  Email based app 
  •  SMS based app
  •  PDF based App
  •  Dropbox based App 
  •  Calendar based App
  • Alarm based App
  •  Server based employee tasks app with timesheet.
  •  Exercise/Health app
  •  Image editing app (only Sticker and Text)
  •  Barcode/Scanner based app (Hardware)
  • Kodi based apps
  •  Google Map app
  •  Task Management App
  •  Paypal based app
  •  In-App Purchases app
  •  Media sharing app
  •  Barcode/QR code scanner app (Camera)
  •  Offline Map GPS tracking app
  •  Offline Map routing app
  •  Game Guide app
  •  Database (Encrypted)
  •  Syncing of data
  •  Chatting and location sharing 
  •  Employee time tracking
  •  Camera based apps
  •  Information sharing social App
  •  Picture gallery App
  •  Recipes App
  •  Tourist Guide App
  •  Survey App
  •  MS Word/Excel/PDF Forms To App Conversion.
  •  Re-skin Games
  •  Video Streaming apps with backend
  •  Radio streaming apps
  •  Launcher apps
  •  Widgets apps
  • Other CUSTOM app according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I provide Source code of my app?

Yes, I can provide you the source code if you want.

Can you implement push notification system in my app?

Yes, I can implement push notification.

Can you submit my app in Google Play store?

Sorry, This service not include app submission in Google Play store.

I don't know how to submit my app in Google Play store. Can you help me?

No worries, We have App submission service which you can buy through Mojo Marketplace.

Can you implement admob, startApp or adbuddiz Ads in my App?

Yes i can implement ads in your app.

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