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Best Premium Blog

The Best Premium Blog Writing WordPress Themes. Version 2018 has a lot of awesome features for bloggers and professional writers that need to build a premium personal blog. First of all the blog template uses WordPress live customizer that helps you see the changes you made immediately with an amazing new feature called AJAX that lets you modify theme colors without even re-loading the pages.

Serpentsoft provides an amazing recorded video guide to help you see how to customize everything in your Best Premium Personal Blog WordPress Theme.

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The new premium personal blog theme 2018 helps you to build the best, clean, minimal, writing and personal blog. Its features make it readable in all devices, smartphones as well as instant search which lets your users see their search instantly. All people including bloggers, writers and travelers, who captured a professional photo to make their galleries, love it as well. Your social networks icons also appears in the header so it’ll increases your social network fans. However with stylish new blog, amazing design and typography you can build one of the best personal blogs in the web. It will made reading articles in mobile devices very comfortable.

A new feature included in the Best Premium Blog WordPress theme is the stylish post title background with three styles you can select for all posts as a default setting or you can select a different background setting for each post. The three styles available are pattern (It means a small pattern image repeated to make a full image), Image and video backgrounds.

WordPress Live Customizer Powered by KIRKI

With WordPress Live Customizer you can watch your modifications instantly without reload website’s pages every time, with extended options and AJAX you can style and color your writing blog without loading or even waiting a second.

Responsive & Retina

Full responsive features helps your customers to read your best personal blog articles very easily on tablet and small phones as well as provide two logo versions. The normal one and the retina logo with sharp icons, your social icons appears very sharp on retina devices.

Instant Search

Very useful feature for blogs websites available here is Instant Search that helps your customers to find target posts or pages instantly without reload the page which is very useful for any writing and personal blog to be the best and of course the normal search is available too and you can switch between them.

Customizable Slider

Slider area is the most important part of any personal blog, The Best Premium Blog’s featured slider is available in three different and stylish styles and gives you the ability to:

1. Display the most recent posts.

2. Select a Certain Category.

3. You can Specify The Posts you want to show by its ID separated by comma.

Briefly we give you the full control to display your blog in any shape you wish.

Stylish Post Title background

Four stylish styles for post title background (Video, Image, Pattern and Solid Color) makes your blog one of the best and stylish WordPress personal blogs with a lot of options. This helps you to customize title box background, header title and all metas and their icons available inside title box, as well as ability to customize each post with a different style which will give you full control for your blog.

Contributors Box

Have you needed to display your team for your visitors and haven't found a way to do so? Now you can display your contributors with their Gravatar photos beside a new job title for each one as well as their social networks accounts to contact them.

Sortable Social Networks

An amazing feature included, That you can select from 75 social icons and add it Around the Main Logo, Blogger Widget, Social Icons Widget and in the Footer. Each one can sorted separably which give you the full control for your website and also available in three different styles.

Different Blog Style For Each Archive, Category, Etc…

We Provide Different Blog Styles for each Home, Archive Page, Category, Tag, Author and Search pages to create the best writing and personal blog.

A unique amazing feature for the Best Premium Personal Blog WordPress Theme gives you the ability to discrimination each archive page (Category, Tag, Archive, Search, Author) with a different blog style which give you the full control of your personal blog and make your customers enjoy with your website.

Unlimited Sidebars, Assign Sidebar For Each Page

Another amazing feature in the new best personal blogs in 2018 is the ability to add infinity sidebars and we give you the ability to discriminate each Post, Page, and Archive page (Category, Tag, Archive, Search, Author) with a different sidebar which has different widgets.

Sticky Sidebar

Sticky Sidebars is one of the most amazing features you should have while blogging and that’s because it’ll increase your Ads CTR so it’ll increase your profit margin. Just put an Ad widget at the bottom of your sidebar and watch the new CTR rate.

SEO Optimized

Developed to make your writing personal blog the best and put it in the first positions in search engines with HTML5 and Schema as well as using appropriate headers so search engines can understand your personal blog’s parts and speed up indexation therefore blog’s rank.

10 Social Share Icons

A Unique feature that you can select from the most top 10 social networks, the share icons that will appear in blogging Item or (Post, Page) .. With this feature the blog items will have share icons other than that in (Post, Page) pages.

Slider & Grid Gallery Styles

Two gallery styles Slider that has a full images and another one is Grid Style that will help you to display your personal photos in amazing view, Both have Lightbox that will display the full image size when you click on it and turn your best premium blog into and amazing one.

Compatible With MailChimp

With MailChimp WordPress Plugin you can increase your customers base by subscription then send e-mails to them immediately and make your blog one of the most Best Personal Blog WordPress Theme 2018. Just Sign-up in MailChimp to get your API Key then paste it and prepare your widget form.

Compatible With ContactForm7

ContactForm7 WordPress Plugin helps your visitors to send mail to you, You can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Awesome Support & Documentation

We provide outstanding support with extensive documentation helps you to know every feature in the entire theme. You can use support comment form to send us your question.

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