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Facebook Management

Enagaging Posts, Relevant HTags, Moderation

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comments moderation
5 viral graphic posts
FanPage Setup
1 new cover photo
1 daily post
100 new Likes / Fans



200 new Likes / Fans
1 new cover photo
10 viral graphic posts
Fan Page Setup
2 daily posts
comments moderation



comments moderation
Fan Page Setup
10 viral graphics
3 daily posts
1 new cover photo
300 new Likes / Fans

Too Busy to Manage and Grow your Facebook Fan Page or other Social Accounts Everyday?

Focus on Making Your Business Greater Instead and Let us Manage, Moderate and Publish Engaging Content to your Facebook Page!

Choose a package that best suit your needs. All the services pricing are for one month of administration. The Basic Package includes:

  • Facebook page creation and setup
  • 1 engaging daily post using relevant htags
  • 5 custom viral graphics posts per month
  • 100 new Facebook Likes / Fans
  • 1 new cover photo per month
  • comments moderation

If you need other Social Accounts management such as Twitter, Google+ etc feel free to send us a message prior ordering to discuss more details.

Total Price: $149

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