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Front End Courses

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Front End Courses

The Front-end Course Creation plugin is an extension for LearnDash, one of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. As the name suggests, the extension enables authors to create courses from the front-end of the website, with complete restriction of back-end access.

The plugin adds a ‘Course Author’ user role to the LearnDash website which can be assigned to enable course creation from the front-end.

The features of the Front-end Course Creation plugin for LearnDash are:

  • Complete Course Creation and Management Capability at Front-end

The Course Author can design courses, lessons, topics, and more from the front-end of the website. He/she has complete freedom to decide the flow of the course and leverage all course-related functionalities on the website.

  • Automatic Generation of Content Pages

The Front-end Course Creation plugin automatically creates Pages for a Course Author, while designing the Course/Lesson/Topic. The Course Author can add all necessary data to the page and then assign the Topics to the relevant Lessons and the Lessons to the relevant Course.

  • Integrated Quiz Support

Front-end Course Creation for LearnDash lets the Course Author create and conduct Quizzes and Assignments as well, though they cannot be graded.

  • Dynamic Course Management Pages to Edit Course Settings at Author’s End

The Course Author can view all of his/her courses from the Course List page and edit them there itself. This is also possible for Lessons, Topics, Quizzes, and Questions.

  • Fixed Commission Settings for Course Authors

The Front-end Course Creation plugin allows the Administrator to award a percentage commission to Course Authors, every time a student enrolls into a course. This percentage can be varied for every Course Author.

  • Administrator Capability to Auto-Publish Courses

The Administrator can permit Course Authors to publish their courses without admin approval. Alternatively, all courses can be saved as drafts pending Administrator permission for publication.

  • Total Restriction of Backend Access

Front-end Course Creation restricts back-end access completely, protecting your core website from being tampered with.

  • Fully Compatible with BuddyPress

The extension is designed to work with BuddyPress, where profiles of Course Authors can be created. These profiles are the central point of contact for all data relevant to the Course Author and his/her courses.

  • Easy Export of Commission Reports

The administrator can easily export all Course Author commission data and course analytics related to the courses in a CSV file format.

  • Ultimate Control Remains with Administrator

The Admin has ultimate authority over the publication of courses in the Front-end Course Creation plugin. The rate of commission and quiz management can be handled by the Admin directly from the Dashboard as well.

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