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Sep 28, 2017

Honestly, this theme has been a pain and now that I know more about blogging I wish I hadn't gotten it in the first place. The most frustrating part and the reason for 2 stars is the process for updating the CANNOT be done in Wordpress You "simply" have to overwrite the files in your FTP via your hosting company each time there is an update bruh! and the "simple" tutorial is not so simple, this is now the second time I need to update the theme and now it's like an orientation all over again to try and figure out how to do it. Looks pretty but that one issue is a HUGE problem

Feb 2, 2017

This is an exceptionally designed theme! Simple, clean, elegant, and functional. I am new to blogging with Wordpress and this theme is the perfect start to get me set up with all of the features I was looking for in a food blog. It has really been carefully crafted and every detail has been thought of. It is very user friendly and the support documentation for how to set up and customize the theme is very clear and helpful. I also received almost instant feedback when I did e-mail the theme designers with a few questions, so I am very impressed with the level of support after making the purchase. I would highly highly recommend this wonderful theme to anyone interested in starting a food blog!

Jan 22, 2017

I have very little experience with blogging and all things tech, and I've had a wonderful experience with this theme so far. The tech support staff was very available and helpful to guide me through my many "newbie" questions. I continue to be excited and impressed as I learn about new features and functions of this theme that I have yet to touch on, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can do with it! I feel like I've really stepped up my game by investing in this theme.
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