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Bitcoin WordPress Theme

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MineBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme

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Use the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market! Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention of the last decade.This is a great business template that is suitable for a bitcoin website. A collection of various page layouts is present. The design is complemented by beautiful fonts, the ability to edit the colors of design components and the responsiveness of the layouts. All of its elements were developed very carefully and contribute to the most pleasant perception by the user. Thanks to the support of the drag-and-drop editor customization is easy even without programming knowledge. The MineBit theme is your key to a successful site that is created in a couple of minutes.

Complete List of Features Included:

  • WordPress Compatibility: 4.8.x
  • Features: Admin Panel, Multipurpose, Responsive, Page Builder
  • Installation: - Installation and set up instructions are attached (look for Documentation folder)
  • Visually Diverse and Appealing - The theme’s design is very elegant and laconic which attracts visitors attention with its style and fascination. Your website will engage many new visitors, clients and potential business partners.
  • 5 Homepages - Flawless design and multiple customization settings are at your disposal with 6 different home pages and tons of instruments to ensure your website looks at its best!
  • 7 header layouts - You have a great option to change your header layout in few clicks whenever you want to change your website’s appearance. Your website will always be stylish and look brand-new!
  • 3 Footers - These multiple layouts are easily set with few clicks! You will be able to renew your footer layout and check it at once!
  • Dynamic and Static Elements - Customize the your site by configuration of these astonishing and easy-to-use elements.
  • Drag-n-Drop Elementor Page Builder - Deliver your ideas by creating and editing pages to your liking with Elementor Page Builder! You’ll be able to create unique page layouts and stuff them with over 25 modules! 

Below is the list of Page Builder modules:

  • Columns
  • Heading
  • Image
  • Text Editor
  • Video
  • Button
  • Divider
  • Spacer
  • Google Maps
  • Icon
  • Smart Slider
  • Call to action
  • Image Box
  • Icon Box
  • Image Gallery
  • Image Carousel
  • Icon List
  • Counter
  • Progress Bar
  • Testimonial
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Toggle
  • Social Icons
  • Alert
  • Sound Cloud
  • Shortcode
  • Menu Anchor
  • Sidebar
  • Jet Elements - The latest plugin containing a large set of additional modules for Elementor PageBuilder. It will help to add more functionality and extra useful features to your website.
  • Live Customizer - Play around with your website’s customization features using Live Customizer! View all the changes you make to your design live, without reloading your page. You can manage color schemes, change backgrounds and typography in the blink of an eye! Live Customizer allows to setup such elements as Page Layout, Color Scheme, Typography, Header and Footer, Blog Settings, Sidebars, Menus and many other. Check detailed information about each of Customizer’s options:
  • Site Identity - this option allows you to setup your site’s title, tagline, to Top button and other elements.
  • Logo & Favicon - helps to configure logo and favicon you want to be on your site.
  • Breadcrumbs - with this option you can setup breadcrumbs options.
  • Social Links - lets you set the list of your social network links on your site.
  • Page Layout - allow you to select the layout pattern of the main website container.
  • Color Scheme - this option helps to select your site’s color scheme.
  • Colors - lets you choose the main background color of your website.
  • Typography - with this option you are able to configure your text and header’s font, size, letter spacing, line height and other typography.
  • Header - helps to setup such options as header layout, overlay, background, top panel and other header elements.
  • Menu Locations - with this option you can define which menu (top, main, footer, social, landing main) will appear in each location.
  • Sidebar - select whether to display the sidebar on your site, and if yes - configure its position.
  • Widgets - main themes functionality is widgets, and each of them can be configured.
  • Ads Management - allows you to add various kinds of ads to the website.
  • Footer - lets you setup such footer options as background color, widgets area, logo, copyright text and others.
  • 404 - page not found options (background color, image, repeat, position and attachment).
  • Static Front Page - this page displays the latest posts, static page, etc.
  • Additional CSS - this section allows you to add custom CSS and instantly see how your changes affect your site.
  • A set of Cherry Plugins - The ultimate pack of exclusive plugins all meant to enhance your website’s functionality. You get endless possibilities to manage your website!
  • Easy Installation with Cherry Plugin Wizard - Install MineBit theme automatically with all the recommended plugins and sample data in the matter of minutes using Cherry Plugin Wizard!
  • Cherry Team Members Plugin - This plugin was designed to make it easier for the businesses to display info about their team and personnel. It contains a full set of options and tools that will help adjust the profile in accordance with the skills and the position of the members.
  • Cherry Testimonials Plugin - It was created to add testimonials from your satisfied customers. This plugin is a perfect tool for promoting your services or products and adding social proof of the value you provide for your customers.
  • Cherry Service List - Showcase your services with the help of this stunning plugin and provide your visitors with detailed information about your work.
  • Cherry Sidebars - Display the projects on your website in a fascinating way with all information about them! Manage project details, skills and content like a pro!
  • Cherry Projects - The latest plugin containing a large set of additional modules for Elementor Page Builder. It will help to add more functionality and extra useful features to your website.
  • Multiple Layout options - Choose from a large set of layout options and experiment with your pages structure. Speed up your building process by saving your favorite layouts in a built-in library, and use them whenever you need to create a new page!
  • Mega Menu plugin - Easily allows you to create multi-column menu drop-downs. It also allows you to display necessary information in the main menu.
  • Responsive - This theme was crafted to be perfectly displayed on all kinds of devices. Our plugins and widgets help you build a stronger online presence, and offer you additional ways for displaying your content.
  • SEO Friendly - The theme was additionally optimized to fit Google guidelines for websites thus to reach the top search results.
  • Detailed Documentation - The theme comes with detailed documentation containing the description of all the features of Adverting! If you'll feel like you don't know how to use anything, you can always turn to documentation where all the settings are described
  • 24/7 Support - Feel free to contact our 24/7 efficient support team to ask all the questions concerning Adverting theme maintenance! 24/7 Support + Free Updates!

Thank you so much for your interests. Your comments and ratings would be much appreciated. When you purchase this template, you get friendly and effective support. We will update this template time to time and we want to hear your feedback.

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  • Single-Domain License
  • 5-Domain License
  • Developer License

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WordPress 4.8.x



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