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SMS Marketing

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About Our Plugin

At Ranksol – Web Design and Development Company we are continuously working for the betterment of our clients and customers and always looking forward to introduce new and trending products in the market so that if anyone can’t afford those highly expensive applications and plugins, they don’t have to worry at all. Simply just purchase those plugins and applications from us at most cost effective price.  
One of our recent launches is Professional SMS Marketing Plugin For Wordpress. Which is an exclusive, sleek,  elegant and versatile plugins of all times. Loaded with more than 50+ brilliant features to help and facilitate our customers.
Why Professional SMS Marketing Plugin for WordPress when there are other marketing plugins available in the market? That must be the same question which might came to your mind before purchasing our plugin. But let us educate you about our plugin.
Our Professional SMS Marketing Plugin For WordPress provides a spectacular way of connecting with your clients, customers, subscribers, club members and others.
If you are operating a business, resort, cafe, medical center, fitness center, restaurant, hotel, school, college, online shop or any other then you must have this plug-in in order to improve your marketing and to get in touch with your clients slightly.

Information Relating Our Plugin
  • Our plug-in is Twilio based, you must have a Twilio account in order to operate our professional sms marketing plugin for wordpress.
  • A cron job url is required for every Quarter of an hour each day.
  • Using Multi-site of WordPress might return some incorrect actions, it is recommended to use this plug-in in single and regular set up. System Plugin Routine and Immediate Twilio script access might return an error Multi-Install System plugin Activation
  • You must have a cron job for scheduler and a properly scheduled campaign for delayed messaging sending.
  • With a new release of number rotating, time delay depends at how long subscribers are there and could take upto 15 minutes if you have got 2000 or more than 2000 campaign subscribers to send bulk marketing messages with or without rotator.
  • This plugin is not just an ordinary plugin with sms sending feature. In our plugins version 3.1 we have added WooCommerce Order status notification functionality. Simply just display your Twilio number on your website for purchasing query. If someone sends order number, system will return order status as a personalized SMS.

                                     WOOCommerce Features Inside Our Plugin

WooCommerce Order Status Notification Feature
  • With this highly effective and most innovative plug-in function you don’t have to upgrade every campaign and user details (manually).
  • In our WooCommerce status updating feature, whenever any campaign status is modified. All customers will have a quick message at their cell phone.

WooCommerce Planned / Scheduled Bulk SMS Delivering Feature
  • Bulk SMS sending features are available in many plugins but in our most innovative Professional SMS Marketing Plugin for wordpress can easily deliver 1000 message at any mobile phone network any time and can actually schedule particular time frame from our plugins dashboard.
  • You can deliver customized messages relating purchases and campaigns to all WooCommerce customers between any-date. (For-Example a user has signed up in advertising campaign and he turned into a valuable customer, later on your company improved marketing offers, meanwhile with this advance WooCommerce scheduled bulk SMS sending feature you can deliver text messages on their cell phone that our marketing offers are improved, register at special offers and get 20% discount.
  • You can create customized campaign messages and can easily send to many customers you’d like to in particular or specific schedule (which can be set easily from plug-in settings)

WooCommerce Order Status Mobile Notification Feature
  • In our plugin enhanced function all you have to do is position that %code% and deliver it to that specific number. Your designated phone number will get complete details regarding their purchase.
That either their order status is - Awaiting - In Process Or Completed

Instant Messaging – Just Type And Text

  • Using our professional sms marketing plugin for wordpress is way too easy and same like using any ordinary mobile phone application. Now you can deliver SMS / MMS from your cell phone. Now you can type and deliver messages to any local or international number with an ease of just one click.

With More than 50+ Features Inside
  • Detailed Analytics System
  • SMS / MMS
  • Advance Campaigns System
  • cost effective product
  • Call recorder
  • Picture messaging / mms logs
  • 10 Pictures To Campaign
  • No hidden charges – Only one time payment
  • Help Message Control
  • Start / Stop Subscriptions Control
  • 100% satisfaction or complete money back guarantee
  • Bulk SMS Sending And Receiving
  • Particular / Selective SMS Sending
  • Presented Version is 4.11 (Script added to send schedule messages
  • Delayed Campaign Sending Feature
  • Strategy / Campaign Management System
  • Completely Responsive (On tablets, mobiles, windows, pc, iphone, imac etc.)
  • Automatic Phone Calls Scheduler
  • Automatic Time Zone Detection And Setting Option
  • Multiple Sections Handling
  • Extremely Efficient
  • All Time Zones Are Supported
  • Advance Widget Support
  • Advance Widget Customization
  • Widget Integration
  • Widget Log
  • Available at 50% for as low as $20
  • Widget Management And Controlling
  • Phone calls Subscriptions
  • Voice Conversation Based IVR
  • Easy installation
  • Call Feedback Subscription
  • Easy SMS Subscriptions
  • Manual Subscribers Addition
  • Grow Product Sales And Improve Business With Built In WooCommerce Features
  • Import / Add Subscribers Record By .CSV
  • Export Subscribers Record
  • Allocate Messages to any particular or chosen number of subscribers
  • Totally free Up-dates And Clients Support
  • Set Automatic Responder
  • Automatic -responder Back Notification
  • SMS Auto Responder Two Way Notification
  • Highly Efficient And Extremely Super Charged
  • Mobile Alert Via SMS
  • Instant E-mail Alert / Notification
  • Multiple Number Assignment
  • Woo Commerce Integrated
  • Multiple Campaigns And Strategy Management
  • Professional SMS Marketing Plugin for Wordpress retrieves your existing number for twilio
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Any Gateway can be integrated

Customers Support

Our Customer Support Team Is Stand By To Respond All Of Your Queries Relating Plugins And Custom Development In Case You Need Any Help.

For all the users on less than version 3.8 please update to our latest version without any data loss All existing users are requested to upload the plugin files of each version manually using FTP and then Deactivate and Activate the plugin to get the latest changes.
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  • Single-Domain License
  • 5-Domain License
  • Developer License

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