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A Comprehensive Review and Feedback Solution

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Rate Review Feedback

Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback for LearnDash is an extension to add an integrated review and feedback system to your LearnDash course. It enables the administrator to engage a star-based rating system for the courses on the website. Students can add their review after completing the course and send course feedback to the author.

The features of the Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback plugin are:

  • Global display of Ratings and Reviews

The Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback extension for LearnDash lets the admin enable course reviews and ratings for all courses on the website. The Ratings are displayed out of five stars while the Reviews can be descriptive.

  • Conditional settings for adding Reviews and Feedback

The author can add conditional settings as to when a Rating or Review can be added. A student can be authorized to rate or review a course only after a specific topic, lesson, quiz, assignment, or the entire course is completed.

  • Absolute administrator control over Review display

The Administrator has complete control over the display of ratings and reviews. He/she can enable global course review display or add reviews and ratings for a specific course only.

  • Comprehensive display of Reviews on ‘Course Review’ page

A User can view all reviews and ratings for a course on the ‘Course Review’ page at the front-end. All reviews are displayed chronologically.

  • Optional integration of Feedback form into specific course pages

The Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback plugin enables integration of a Feedback form for all courses at a stretch or for specific courses. Individual course feedback needs to be activated from the course settings.

  • Automatic sending of email notification to Course Author

An automatic email is generated and sent to the Course Author, informing them whenever a student enters feedback for the course.

  • Customizable email templates for Feedback notification

The Author notification email is completely customizable. The plugin offers substantial shortcodes for email template design.

  • Sleek Back-end Interface

The back-end interface is extremely smooth and coherent. All global settings for ratings, reviews, and feedback have individual tabs, while the settings for individual courses can be tweaked from the Course Page.

  • Admin can view all Course Reviews on the Dashboard

The admin has direct access to all course reviews and ratings for all courses from the Dashboard. However, the reviews cannot be edited by the admin, they can merely be approved or rejected for publication.

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