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SCL Animate

SCL Animations lets you do something you could never do before - create animations and games in your WordPress posts! When you need a touch of flare on a logo, an infographic, or even a full motion-graphic or game, SCL lets you compose it.

SCL Animation uses a unique web page language to create animations in your WordPress posts and pages. SCL creates a canvas section inside your post, then using the SCL editor, you upload images and animated them.


You can use SCL to create:

  • animated logos
  • motion graphics
  • science demos
  • animated infographics
  • games
  • and much more

Upload images (jpg and png) to the editor and use SCL to describe your animations. SCL supports numerous functions and effects that bring your animations to life.


At its core, SCL animates images turning them into 'sprites'. But it can do so much more:

  •    move sprites
  •    track sprites
  •    edit live sprites
  •    respond to sprite collisions
  •    clone sprites
  •    maintain data about your sprites
  •    ability to draw on the canvas or sprites
  •    play and manipulate sounds
  •    respond to user actions like mouse clicks and touches
  •    full mobile support
  •    compatible with all modern browsers


The SCL editor comes with built-in documentation and examples that you can edit and experiment with.

Curious about SCL itself? It's easiest to just show you some shortcode.

[scl_anim htmlwidth='160' htmlheight='160' csswidth='80' units='percent']

create routine as Start

 launch IconSprite


create sprite from MyLogo.png as IconSprite

 where center=50,50 x=50 y=50 alpha=0

 having alt=FadeIn


create fade as FadeIn where rate=1 until=1 completion=Wait500 end

create wait as Wait500 where delay=500 completion=FadeOut end

create fade as FadeOut where rate=-1 until=0 completion=FadeIn end


SCL animations run on all modern browsers: desktop, mobile, and even game system browsers.


The editor comes with build-in and editable examples with documentation:



Web developers can use SCL outside of posts. For example, to create a header animation:


And do it all from the SCL menu icon:


Visit the Live Demo where you can try out all the functionality shown above, and more.

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