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Scheduled Backup

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Amaxon S3 Backup
Dropbox Backup
1 Site Backup
Local Backup



Local Backup
Amaxon S3 Backup
2 Site Backup
Dropbox Backup



Amaxon S3 Backup
Local Backup
3 Site Backup
Monthly Backup Tracking
Dropbox Backup

We'll prepare your WordPress site backup with a premium, secure WordPress plugin and your website backups will be done automatically.

You can choose and let us your scheduled backup will be targeted to:

  1. Your local hosting area
  2. Your Dropbox account
  3. Your Amazon S3 account
  4. You will be track your back-ups
  5. You'll be download your backups
  6. You'll be delete them anytime
  7. Much much more services.

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