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Affiliate marketing is one of the most common marketing strategies in retailing. Easily, it can boost your sales by 10 times. You might study extremely successful case studies from giant businesses like Amazon or thousands of small and medium retailers. There are, in your mind now, some really good ideas that you want to apply before your competitors.

However, running an affiliate program for retailers is far from easy. In today's business context, most of the affiliate programs are multi level. From building, planning, operating and tracking the program, in the cases you read about, those retailers need a really good support system.

With Magestore's Affiliate Plus, we provide you more than what you need to run a complete affiliate program. In this Magento 1 extension, we design 4 commission models and 6 referral methods for you to choose. This promises that you can smoothly implement any affiliate strategy in your mind.


When you set Pay per Sale, it means that your affiliates get commission only when they help you create purchases directly through their links, referrals. This feature ensures the efficiency of your affiliate program.

PAY PER LEAD (Free to add)

This feature allow you to apply another commission model of your affiliate program. Pay per Lead helps you to pay your affiliates based on the number of new customers they generate.

PAY PER CLICK (Free to add)

In affiliate marketing, many retailers wish to use Pay per Click (PPC) in their commission model. Magestore add this feature to allow you to pay referrals based on the number of clicks their links generate for your website.

Both you and your affiliates can view the number of clicks and corresponding commissions that they receive.

PAY PER MILLE (Free to add)

With this feature, you can pay your affiliate for thousand impressions of banner/link that they generate.

Traction is also available for your affiliates to keep updated.

Second, when you have decided your affiliate strategy, setting it is easy and effortless:


•   Setting commission:

You can choose your commission model to be a specific amount or percentage. The standout add-on in this feature is preferred commission rate. For example, you can choose to set different commission rates for the first time and the second time. Affiliate Plus from Magestore also allows you to add or subtract commission of an account balance based on order status.

•   Setting discount:

Discount options are the similar to commission. Besides, you can choose the condition for different types of discount, and places to display discount.

•   Setting payout requirement:

Our customers love this feature because it can help them to increase the commitment of their affiliates. The idea is that affiliates need to meet a "payout requirement" to be able to withdraw money.

Other advanced functions are true magic.

Magestore adds other advanced functions in this feature. And, they are such powerful tools. These following two functions are the most noticeable. First, Lifetime Customers function is such an encouragement for your affiliates. With simple setting options, it allows affiliates to receive the commission whenever their introduced friends make any purchase. In the frontend, your affiliates can track how many Lifetime Customers they have and send a request for adding Lifetime Customers into their lists. Version 4.4, at the same time, the admin of your Magento website can add or remove manually Lifetime Customers in the backend.

Another powerful function of Magento Affiliate Extension from Magestore in this feature is holding commission. If you suspect the reliability of some affiliates, you can keep their commission for a specific period.

There are other powerful features for you to set and manage your affiliate program:


Magento Affiliate extension of Magestore helps you to control hundreds of affiliates at ease. All needed actions are available on “Manage Account” tab: add, remove, enable or disable affiliates.

In each account page, you can easily view and edit an account’s information such as its programs, friends, transactions, and payments. Version 4.4 also allows you to add/subtract account balance here.


This feature will do a great job when you need to manage some links or websites as your Magento website’s affiliates. You can choose to use a series of banners with different options of types (image/flash/text), links and sizes.

With an account, affiliates easily access banners & links that you provided. They can use the source tracking code to post in websites, forums, etc. or click to share on social channels.


With Magestore’s Affiliate Extension, management of transaction cannot be easier. Relevant information of an affiliate's transaction like order number, products, commission and discount is well displayed. You will find it extremely helpful and effortless to monitor, review and filter transactions.

With version 4.4, you can create a new transaction based on created orders.

Your affiliates can also double check their transactions & commission earned. Affiliate Plus helps you to build trust with your affiliates, which is a success factor to your program.


You can easily configure, control and set various options of withdrawal to your affiliates. For example, you can suggest your affiliates to withdraw money or spend their commission as store credits. They can also send their own request for withdrawing money or receive store credits for their purchases on your Magento website.

You can also configure the tax class to calculate tax for withdrawals as you wish.


In your business, customers are your most effective marketers? You already have a large pool of happy customers.Then, you can totally turn them into your retail's affiliates. This additional feature will give you the flexibility to invite and add your own customers into affiliate list.

It also makes your affiliate program friendlier when you can customize the personal link.


It is a brand new feature of Magestore's Affiliate Plus. Now, anyone, even without a site or store can be your affiliate. With Affiliate Sub-store plugin, your affiliates can create a sub-store link and promote their chosen products.


With this feature, paying for thousands of affiliates no longer take so much time and resource. Now, Magento Affiliate Extension can help you to handle payment requests from thousands of affiliates automatically. It is fast, precise and effortless.


This feature adds more convenience into paying process of your affiliate program when it allows you to pay through PayPal, Moneybookers, Offline payment, Bank transfer to pay affiliates. Recurring payment feature is also supported.


This feature is such a necessity. You will run a number of affiliate programs in your business. When you want to terminate the old ones, this plugin will help you. Your Magento website's admin will no longer be messed up or confused.

Support Policy: We provide free support for the first year. From the second year, customers can renew support services at $50 per year for each extension.

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