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Tango Caché

Performance Optimization and Cache Plugin

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Tango Caché

Lightning Speed

Tango Caché incorporates a myriad of advanced optimization techniques that make it stand out, delivering unprecedented speed gains on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Easy Setup

Configuration is dead simple. Just “Activate” your plugin and, in most cases, enjoy instant results. Additional options are still available for specialized needs.

Smart JavaScript Optimization

JS files are meticulously processed, combined, minified, compressed, and defer-loaded preventing conflicts across pages and eliminating render-blocking delays.

Smart CSS Optimization

CSS files are carefully processed and analyzed before being combined, minified, and compressed to make your site dramatically faster, while preserving its visual integrity.

Google Fonts Optimization

Google Fonts are combined, reducing the number of round trips to the server, minimizing network latency and delivering a faster browsing experience to your users.

Image Lazy Loading

YouTube and Vimeo videos are fetched only as your visitors scroll down the page, improving page load times and your Google PageSpeed Insights score even further.

Video Lazy Loading

Images are fetched only as your visitors scroll down the page, improving page load times and your Google PageSpeed Insights score even further.

E-Commerce Ready

Optimized for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and WPML, so you can speed up your international e-commerce site flawlessly and increase your conversion rates.

Page Caching

Caching generates highly-optimized, compressed pages, resulting in huge bandwidth savings, increased server performance, and ultra-fast loading speeds.

Cache Preloading

Optimized pages are pre-loaded simulating visits from desktop and mobile devices to decrease loading speeds the first time your website is visited.

Scheduled Preloading

Refreshing the cache every 24 hours ensures that the page is up to date and security nonces work properly. This option is available via cron job.

Leverage Browser Caching

Declaring an optimal caching policy for all resources allows you to minimize roundtrips between the client and server, and free up server resources to provide a faster user experience.

HTML Optimization

HTML is completely minified and compressed, including any embedded styles to help reduce network latency and minimize HTML requests, resulting faster browser downloading and execution.

GZip Compression

Static resources such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are GZip compressed, saving around seventy percent in file size, reducing bandwidth consumption, and resulting in much faster downloads.

Remove Query Strings

Query strings cause browsers to load resources from file, not from cache. Proxy servers may choose not to cache resources including query strings. Removing unnecessary query strings leads to faster download and a better user experience.

SSL Support

Adding SSL in WordPress can be a bit of a head ache. And it often requires a separate plugin. As long as Geek Cache is activated and this option is checked, you do not have to worry about it.

Remove Emoji Support

Emoji are ideograms that resemble emoticons, those smiley faces used in websites to communicate emotions. Performance-wise they can be quite taxing so, unless there are essential, it is a good idea to disable them.

Cache Exclusion List

Pages such as shopping carts, administrative pages, or contact forms (the latter should be excluded unless the cache is refreshed every 24 hours), should not be cached. For convenience, this list allows you to use regular expressions.

Multiple JavaScript Caches

Some authors may choose to load files or write embedded JavaScript that apply to specific pages only. In such cases, it is desirable to cache all JavaScripts separately for that page.

Multiple CSS Caches

Some authors may choose to make certain CSS files available to specific pages only. Correcting the problem in your child theme may not always be feasible. Caching CSS separately for that page is a simple, elegant solution.

DNS Prefetching

You can choose which domain names you want to resolve before a resource is fetched or a user follows a link to reduce the amount of perceived latency, which can sometimes be several seconds.

CloudFlare Integration

CloudFlare protects and accelerates your website acting as a proxy server between your server and your visitors. Geek Cache synchronizes server and CDN to reflect changes as soon as the are made.

Developer Friendly

HTML documentation is included, the source code is well commented, algorithms are clearly explained, and we do offer code-level support if you want to customize your plugin.

Multi-Site Compatible

Works flawlessly with WordPress multisite and it supports both individual site activation and network activation.

Multilingual Compatible

Includes English, Spanish, and the default PoEdit language files for immediate translation.

Also compatible with WPML, PolyLang, and QTranslate X.

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