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Website Security

Securing and Clearing Your Site From Viruses

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Implement Strong WordPress Dashboard Security Tweaks to Thwart Malicious Hacker Attacks
Change of Login URL to Prevent Detection of Login Page to Unknown People.
Apply All Other WordPress Security Measures to Ensure That Your WordPress Blog or Website is Secured Properly and Does Not Expose Sensitive Data That Could Help Malicious Users Craft an Attack
Dual Factor Authentication (Optional)
Brute-Force Protection
.htaccess/php.ini/nginx.conf Security Tweaks
Cleaning of Malicious Files Including PHP Files in the WordPress Directory.
Add Additional Security Layers to Protect the WordPress Database From Malicious Attacks and Zero Day Vulnerabilities
Check and Ensure That Strong Passwords Are Used in the WordPress Installation
Check That All WordPress Software Used, Such as WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins are Secure, Properly Configured and Do Not Pose Any Security Risks
Manually Check that Correct Privileges (WordPress Roles and Capabilities) Were Assigned to Each WordPress User and Update Where Necessary

Our WordPress Security Hardening service is ideal for anyone who owns and runs a self-hosted WordPress blog or website to help them combat the always rising malicious attacks and malware infections.

WordPress Security Hardening Service includes:

  • Implement strong WordPress dashboard security tweaks to thwart malicious hacker attacks
  • Check and ensure that strong passwords are used in the WordPress installation
  • Add additional security layers to protect the WordPress database from malicious attacks and zero day vulnerabilities
  • Check that all WordPress software used, such as WordPress themes and WordPress plugins are secure, properly configured and do not pose any security risks
  • Manually check that correct privileges (WordPress roles and capabilities) were assigned to each WordPress user and update where necessary
  • Apply all other WordPress security measures to ensure that your WordPress blog or website is secured properly and does not expose sensitive data that could help malicious users craft an attack
  • Change of Login URL to prevent detection of Login Page to unknown people.
  • Brute-Force Protection
  • Dual Factor Authentication (Optional)
  • Cleaning of Malicious Files including PHP files in the Wordpress Directory.
  • .htaccess/php.ini/nginx.conf Security Tweaks
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