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WP Live connects you with passionate WordPress experts who will teach you how to build, grow, and maintain your website. Starting at $29/mo.

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Real Experts Standing by to Help

Long Term Value

Long Term Value

Our customers utilize WP Live's expert help to launch their site and to succeed in the long-term.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Ask questions as they pop up, and get quick answers via live chat, email, and over the phone.

Here When It Counts

Here When It Counts

Get help when you're in the thick of it, 5 days a week, 8:30am–5pm (MT), M–F.

WordPress experts available from 8:30am to 5pm MT, Monday to Friday—starting at only $29 / month.
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Get help where it counts.

You're building a website for a reason. Spend more time on what you do best, and let WP Live's experts help walk you through the steps ahead.

Choose the Right Tools

Customize Site Design

Grow & Optimize

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Your secret weapon.

Skip the Research, Save Time

Secret IconWP Live experts have done the heavy lifting for you. Get recommendations on which WordPress themes and plugins are best for your project, and a roadmap for your site.

Finish What You Started

Secret IconGet past any roadblocks to launch and grow your site. Use WP Live to solve unexpected problems that get in the way of building the website you want.

Get Bigger & Better

Secret IconWP Live reps want you to succeed. Lean on their expertise to refine your SEO and marketing, improve and secure your site so you can keep doing bigger things.

Alana McInnis

"I'm so glad that I found you and feel so grateful for knowing what I now know! With the help of WP Live, I was able to call anytime, with any question, which has been incredibly helpful."

Alana McInnis
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Save time & learn the ropes.

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DIY without Help

Takes 2–6 months of research, many YouTube videos, and much trial and error, trying to determine the best path and tools for your project.

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Do It with WP Live

Pay from $29–$149 / month to save time, get the right answers up front, and learn to stand on your own two feet.

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Hire a Web Pro

Can cost thousands of dollars and take many months. You'll have an expert site, but will you know how it works and be able to maintain it?

Live WordPress Support from $29/month.

Put WordPress in your back pocket - for now, and the road ahead.

WP Live Lite

Get unstuck with fast answers and expert recommendations.


WP Live

Learn more WordPress skills and solve problems faster.


Your Best Value

WP Live Pro

Build and maintain your site with advanced features and improve it as you go.


  • WPL WordPress Plugin
  • Fast Email Support
  • 50% off one purchase each month
  • WPL WordPress Plugin
  • Fast Email Support
  • 50% off one purchase each month
  • Live Chat Support
  • WPL WordPress Plugin
  • Fast Email Support
  • 50% off one purchase each month
  • Live Chat Support
  • Expert Phone Support

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