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Affiliate Program

Our industry-leading products and services coupled with competitive affiliate pay rates - starting at 30% - make promoting MOJO a no-brainer! It’s simple; promote MOJO, then get paid!

Mojo Money

How does it work?

The goal of the MOJO Affiliate program is simple: Promote items and make you money! There are a few key ways to do this, and we’ll be sure to go over them. First, let’s take a look at how to become an affiliate and get things set up.


How to become an affiliate?


Inside your account center, you will see a section on the bottom left called Affiliate Program.


Click the Activate Affiliate Account button. A confirmation that your account is setup will apprear. Next, click on “Statistics”. This will show you your affiliate tracking code to be used for tracking your leads and sales.


From within your affiliate account, you will get access to daily and monthly reporting as well as get all your tracking link information.

Banner Ads


HINT: The most successful banners are typically placed at the top of your site, or in the sidebar of your most popular posts or content. Look for strategic locations that will catch the eye of your users.

API Page

Use MOJO’s API to do work

If you’re comfortable working with our API we’ve got you covered! We have great documentation on how to display just about any product or set of products from the Marketplace. For example, you could get a JSON response that displays the latest WordPress themes, or the 10 most popular Joomla themes. The options are open and the choice is yours!

API Documentation

Wait, I have a few questions

  • question_answerWhat if I’m already an affiliate at MOJO Themes?That’s awesome! MOJO Marketplace is actually a different site though and the tracking code for the leads and sales you generate will be tracked a little differently. You’ll need to create a new affiliate account with to get things up and running.
  • question_answerHow to be a top earning affiliate with MOJO?Here at MOJO we truly want all of our affiliates to be as successful as possible and we’re dedicated to assisting you in making that happen. Check out our blog for some tips and tricks in becoming a Top Dawg MOJO Affiliate. (Link to Blog)
  • question_answerHow does your payment system work?

    At the end of every month, we will take all the referral sales you made and pay you on the 15th of the next month (NET 15). It is important to note, once you have activated your affiliate account, you need to input your PayPal email address so we know where to pay you.

    All withdrawal requests that are paid out on the 15th must be made before the 1st of the month. We recommend that our affiliates make that withdrawal request on the last few days of the month so you don’t have to wait an entire month and you will have the most funds in your account for that pay period. You will be paid on the 15th of next month after this request.