MOJO Marketplace API

Welcome to the MOJO Marketplace API documentation. The API is growing and we’re still getting setup but please don’t hesitate to contact us for anything!

Getting Started

What is the MOJO Marketplace API?

Here at MOJO Marketplace we like to refer to the API as the Alien-technology Pairing Interface. The API allows you to access specific account data inside our alien technology from external applications without exposing your MOJO Marketplace password.

How do I use the API?

You have come to the right place. All of our API documentation lives here. It describes the calls you can make to the API and the responses you will get back.

What is an API Key?

Your API key gives outside applications permission to access your information inside the MOJO Marketplace without needing to know your password. We will never ask you for your password. Do not ever give your password to anyone.


This section of the API will allow you as the seller to access information required to verify the products buyers have purchased.
Call Method Description
verify-purchase GET

Request URL{USERNAME}/{APIKEY}/verify-purchase/{PURCHASE-CODE}.json

field type example value
username string 128 myusername
api key uuid f81d4fae-7dec-11d0-a765-00a0c91e6bf6
purchase code uuid 51686d70-cce4-4be7-9316-59c90a140b1b
Note: The buyer can find their purchase code in the My Purchases section of the MOJO Marketplace.

Success Response


field type example value
order_id uuid 51686d70-1ee4-4be7-9316-59c90a140b1c
item_id uuid 5179e7ae-45e4-49f2-84f0-27e90a140b1e
name string 128 My Product Name
purchase_date timestamp 2013-08-08 22:45:44
plan string 128 Plan Name

Error Response

{"error":{"message":"ERROR MESSAGE"}}