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How to Buy on the MOJO Marketplace


When you first begin to browse the marketplace you will notice that there are many different product types. There are themes and templates, plugins, graphics and much more. Once you have decided on the type of product you can dig deeper to find just the exact product you are looking for. Don't forget that you can search and browse tags and sub-categories.


Once you’ve found the product that gives you that "I'm really feeling this" feeling then you can add it to your cart for checkout. If you do not have an account then you can create your account on the shopping cart page.


When you are ready to checkout simply press the buy now button on the shopping cart.

If have come to the MOJO Marketplace from one of our preferred partners you will be able to simply checkout with your payment credentials secured through our partner.

If you have come to the MOJO Marketplace from outside of our preferred partners then you will be able to checkout via PayPal.


Once you have purchased your product, you will see your product in your account center. From here, you can simply one-click install your product onto your hosting account. Whether you want instantly install your WordPress theme or just upload a code plugin, we can easily install your product.

If your product is not an installable product such as a logo, you can simply download the necessary files that you purchased.