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Whether you’re a potential buyer for items such as popular WordPress themes, a seller looking to make some money or an affiliate ready to promote the marketplace we’re sure you’ve got a few question. We have assembled a list of our most commonly asked questions. The list will continually evolve as we encounter new questions. Check back frequently…

General Questions

What is the MOJO Marketplace?

In short, we are the easiest one-click marketplace. WIth our world class installer and marketplace technology we’re removing the fear out of buying and installing web apps and services. With our one-click marketplace technology we’re enabling everyone from novice users to small business owners to experienced developers get what they need easier and faster.

Is it FREE to join?

Of course! Feel free to create a new account and browse the marketplace products!

How do I Create an Account?

To get started whether you’re a buyer, seller or affiliate you create a new account. Once inside your account center, you will see the different sections inside there. Sellers & Affiliates can activate those sections inside their accounts by the click of a button.

Where do I get Support?

For all general support related questions related to your account, purchase questions or site issues please contact our support team through our support center. For any >strong>support related to products purchased please use the item page forums to post a topic. Once you post an issue it will notify the seller of your issue and can assist you further. Please note, if the seller is not responsive after waiting 24 hours please notify our support team so we can resolve your issues.

Who is behind the MOJO Marketplace?

The MOJO team is based out of Salt Lake City, UT. Our team runs a network of marketplaces such as MOJO Themes and MOJO Code. The MOJO Marketplace brings the products together with the one-click install functionality to deliver the best experience for our buyers and one central distrubtion center for our sellers.

How do I report fraud or spam?

If you suspect a seller is listing products created by someone else or if your being spammed through your messaging system, please contact support so we can help.

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Buyer / Pre-Sale Questions

What type of Products can I Purchase?

We offer a wide variety of free and premium products. All of the One-Click installs are free, open-source applications you can use for your site. While our products are built to go on top of the applications. We offer a wide variety of themes, plugins, logos, graphics, services, hosting and more!

How do Products get Approved for the Marketplace?

Before an item is listed on the marketplace they must pass through our rigorous review process. Each item goes through our review team where we look to make sure the item meets all of our credentials before being approved.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and you can also use any major credit via PayPal. We also use your web hosting account billing info as well. In other words, you are billed by your hosting provider.

How does the One-Click Install work?

Our one-click installer is free to use and is a "hosted service" only available through the MOJO Marketplace. You can install applications to your existing web hosting account, whether or not your host supports it!

How do I get Support for these Products?

If you need support for a specific product go to the specific item page and post a new issue within the forums section for that item. For general support checkout our support page to see the various ways to get in touch with us.

How do I get a Refund?

Digital Goods

A majority of items purchased from MOJO Marketplace are non-tangible, digital goods and because of the nature they are non-refundable. If you have purchased an item and you feel it is not functioning as advertised, please send us a support ticket and explain the issue in detail. Also, be sure to name the item you’re having issues with. From there, we’ll have a review process to determine if the item is not delivered as promised. If we find the item is not working, functioning or is corrupt, it will be fixed or a refund will be given. If the item has not been set up properly by following the help file, refunds will be subject to the MOJO staff’s discretion. Any purchase older than 90 days will not be refunded.

If you're having troubles getting your item to function properly, you can ask for help from the seller directly and get the fixes you need. You can do this by going to the item page on the marketplace and clicking the "Support Forum" tab found under the preview image. This is where you leave your question for the seller. We do ask that you provide them with 48 hours to respond due to a possible time difference.


Each service is done by a member of the MOJO staff and takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to complete depending on the service purchased. Each service’s expected turn around time will be shown upon purchase. If the service you purchase has already been completed, refunds will not be issued.


Credits are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire 5 years after being issued


All items in the bundle come as is and do not come with support. Bundles are non-refundable. Updates are included for the duration of the lifetime of the themes.

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Installer Questions

Does it matter who I host with to install?

No! It doesnt matter who you host with. If you don't host with a partner hosting company then you can add your FTP info for your installations. More Info about installing

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Seller Questions

When and how do I get paid?

As you make sales your commission balance will increase and you can request a withdrawal to get paid. Go into your account center and request a withdrawal. You must have a minimum balance of $50. You will enter your PayPal email address and the amount you would like to get paid. We process withdrawal requests on NET15. What does NET15 mean? All withdrawals are process on the 15Th of each month. You must request your withdrawal before the last day of the previous month. If you you request a withdrawal after during the following month, all previous requests will be cancelled.

What are the commission rates?

For more information on the commission rates take a look in the seller center. Seller Center

Do I provide support for my items?

Yes, you are responsible for providing support for your own items. If support is required on the Marketplace, MOJO will provide that support.

How are Exchanges Handled?

Our support team may at times exchange one item for another when a customer expresses dissatisfaction in an item. Our support teams investigates each issue and only offers exchanges when necessary. When this occurs, the transaction would show as a refunded item for the original seller and a new sale for the new seller.

How are Refunds handled?

The MOJO Support team makes every effort to avoid refunds but at times a refund may be necessary and can be applied at our discretion. This can also happen when a disatisfied user disputes the charge with PayPal, causing PayPal to relinquish the funds. When a refund occurs your total Seller balance will see a reduction in the amount of the refund. You can also see refund details on your page.

What is Internal Item Testing?

An admin function utilized by the MOJO Support and Pro Services teams, item testing is used as a tool to populate accounts with purchased items when necessary. When system issues cause items to be removed from accounts we may use this function to correct the situation.

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