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Backdrop CMS Installation

Create a compelling user experience with responsive layouts. With Backdrop, every site and every theme is always responsive. Switch between themes while keeping your layout intact. Unlimited layouts and contextual configuration for every page. Deploy easily using new configuration management tools. Configure your site on one server and easily move that configuration to another server. All configuration in Backdrop (Content types, Views, Layouts, Image Styles, etc.) are stored outside your database, so you can manage them either with version control or through the user interface. Serve pages fast, even on shared hosting. Backdrop is lean and mean. Backdrop focuses on common problems and eliminates cruft. With a focus performance and optimizations for MySQL, Backdrop is significantly faster than Drupal 7. Switch easily from Drupal 7. Is your site built on Drupal 7? Backdrop will be familiar to you and your developers. Upgrading most modules to Backdrop can be done in days or even hours. With a familiar architecture, it's easy to upgrade.
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