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Vanilla Forums Installation

Vanilla is forum software that powers discussions on over 400,000 sites around the world. Vanilla is the best solution for starting and growing your community, offering groundbreaking user interface that makes sense to your users.

Vanilla is the ONLY forum solution that focuses on easy integration with your existing website, offering ready-made plugins for variety of popular projects like WordPress, ModX, and Drupal. Vanilla is also the ONLY forum solution that offers deep integrations with popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Finally, Vanilla is the ONLY forum solution to provide a native mobile version for easy browsing and posting from any mobile device.

Vanilla benefits from the power of open-source, with over 10,000 developers contributing to the project and over 500 addons that can make your community do anything you need it to do. Vanilla is truly open-source, standards-compliant, and fully customizable.

Migrating to Vanilla from any other forum platform is a breeze, with ready-made exporters for vBulletin, phpBB, and bbPress.
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