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When a potential customer doesn't find all the information he needs on a product page your webstore faces with a probable lost sale. Ask Info Popup reduces this kind of lost sales providing your customer with a simple and fast way to contact you (asking for further information on a specific product) directly on the product page.

With Ask Info Popup you can easily add a contact form button to your products. In that way, customers are able to ask you information with two clicks, without any waste of time.

Once the button has been clicked, a contact form pops up, with the name and e-mail already filled in (only if the customer is logged in).

Ask Info Popup uses both client-side and server-side form validation avoiding possible inconsistent or malicious datasubmit.

The e-mail is sent to the recipient configured in the administration area, allowing you to reply to the customer e-mail address directly from your preferred e-mail client.

The e-mail content and subject are 100% customisable by using the Magento transactional e-mails panel. This gives you the ability to change the e-mail to best fit your needs, without any particular effort.

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