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Blog and Shop

Blog & Shop - pleasure to work with
Blog & Shop is intuitive and efficient. It’s made for real websites – it’s SEO friendly, fast and lightweight WordPress theme.
Select any of 9 prepared demo sites, clone it to your server with a WordPress installer and start using for your needs. Reseller mode is also provided, so you can hide origins of the theme. It’s perfect for blogging and e-commerce, but it’s so easily customizable, it can be used for any type of website (check out demo sites).
Preview 9 demos › (and clone each on your server)
1. Blog & Shop2. Shop & Blog3. Magazine4. Just Shop5. Videoblog6. Photoblog7. Simple Blog8. Blogwall9. One Product only

Core features
Super responsive and Retina ready
Blog & Shop is a responsive theme, which means it adapts to the device on which it’s displayed. The theme cares for your content so it looks great on all devices, but you can also decide to show part of a content on one version only and hide on other.
Retina is a commonly used phrase to describe displays with high density of pixels. For such devices, images need to be treated in a special way, so that they look sharp on this kind of displays. Blog & Shop Theme does that, so your site and its content looks perfect on iPhones, MacBooks and hi-end smartphones.

Clone demo site easily
Item includes also WordPress install files with clones of the 9 theme demo sites. So you just install WordPress as usual and it’s already with the selected demo content and all settings identical as on the demo site. You can use it as a base to build your site. Notice – images are replaced by placeholders (to make the package lighter).

WooCommerce perfect support
I’ve won an Envato contest for the best implementation of the WooCommerce plugin.
Blog & Shop theme means 100% WooCommerce support + extra theme-specific bonuses.

Handy theme options
The key concept of the theme is that most settings can be set globally, and aditionally you can customize them for selected parts of your site. For example: you can set a banner for the entire site, then you can set another one just for a blog, and also set another one for a specific category.
It’s very easily manageable and gives you a lot of customization power. This type of global / specific customization is possible for such aspects of a site as: layouts, backgrounds, banners, sidebars, footers, headlines etc.

Boxed and Open layouts
Boxed and opened layouts can be set for the whole site, for some part of it (for example just for a shop or a specific category) or just for one page. Sidebars, footers and banners are configurable independently and work seamlessly with both those main layout concepts.

Custom backgrounds
Set custom background for the whole site, for some part of it (for example just for blog) or for a specific page only. It’s a feature for boxed layout type.

Header options and styles
Header can be centered and/or fixed to top. You can play with options to set top bar, menus, social media icons, tagline, language menu, cart icon, and more.

Advanced blog options
Classic or masonry? One column or more? Sidebars? You can customize it individually for each blog (you can have many blogs on one site). Meta data, social buttons, author bio – select what you need. All post formats are also nicely supported (audio, gallery, quote, status, etc…). Each category, tag and author can have specific color, used for example for labels.

Shortcodes assistant or Visual Composer
Blog & Shop theme has a built-in simple and efficient shortcode assistant. If you prefer using the Visual Composer plugin – it’s fully supported (but not included to the theme). Of course, editing shortcodes as a text is also possible.

Multi-language support (+ full translation to 4 languages included)
You can have a multi-language site with the Blog & Shop theme. Polylang plugin and WPML plugin are fully supported. Additionally, if your WordPress is in English, Spanish, German or Polish, you’ll automatically see all theme settings in the dashboard in your language.

Hundreds of icons + upload custom
There are hundreds of vector and graphic icons (in a few sets) included in the theme and you can upload custom ones to media by yourself, so you can use them the same way as the built-in icons.

Best standards and SEO practices
Blog & Shop is built to fulfill requirements of all modern web standards. It’s HTML5 + CSS3 piece of top quality code. It’s optimized for speed and accessibility.
Notice: PHP 5.3+ is required for the theme to work.

Reseller mode
If you create website for your clients and you don’t want them to know the theme comes form ThemeForest, you can use the reseller mode to change theme’s name, replace credits with yours, etc. It’s totally fine with me :)

I’ve used the following resources to built the theme:
And I’ve used work of the following authors for the demo site:
Notice, most of these images are not included to the theme.
Thank you.
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