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Feedback on Fire

Feedback on Fire is a simple widget that allows your users/visitors to send you feedback about your website or web application.

Feedback on Fire does NOT require a back end implementation or a database system, it relies on Firebase to store the feedback data. This means it will work just fine with ANY kind of website/app: wordpress, joomla, drupal, plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript or framework like Angular, React, ember, Backbone…

You need close to zero coding experience to use it.



  • Doesn’t require any back end or data base storage implementation
  • Works with any web site/application
  • Accesibility ready
  • Smooth animations
  • Small library without any extra HTTP requests
  • Neutral material-like design


Item Price USD


  • Single-Domain License
  • 5-Domain License
  • Developer License

Total Price: $10.00



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Compatible Browsers:

IE,Firefox,Chrome,Safari,Opera,Android Browser,Chrome for Android


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