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Combining a beautiful design, with exceptional functionality.



Special Property content type

Listing+ features a well equipped “Property” content type, which has been specifically designed for real estate. Using it, you can effectively and dynamically describe all aspects of your property.


Advanced search & filtering

Powered by the robustness of exposed Views filters, Listing+ provides your visitors the necessary tools to search among thousands of entries, with a variety of criteria quickly and effectively.


Google Map integrated with Views-powered goodness

Listing+ comes with a custom Google Maps and Views integration, which provides directions and more info on any entered Property, with a single click.


Comes in your favourite color

13 carefully selected, awesome color schemes to choose from: Gray and Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple each of which in two different versions. Just pick the one that fits your brand with a single click through the theme-settings.


Bootstrap 3

Built on great foundation—the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.


HTML5 and CSS3

State-of-the-art code base, using HTML5 and CSS3, compliant with best practices and avoiding hacks and workarounds that could break things along the way.


Responsive Views at your disposal

Enjoy View blocks and pages based on Bootstrap Grid ready-made for your ease: Agents, Properties of Agent, List of Properties, Google Map with Properties, Popular Tags, Slideshow Boxed / Full Width, Testimonials, Twitter Updates and yet much more.


Special Agent content type

Listing+ comes with a Property Agent content type, again, specifically designed for real estate. The Agent content type includes fields featuring all the information necessary under real-life circumstances.


Mobile Menu options

Designed with care to the tiniest detail, it comes with different alternatives for the mobile menu, including an OS native version, as well as a custom built one, that’s simply amazing.


Full-width and Boxed layout

Choose whether you want a full-width or a boxed layout, with just a single click from the theme settings. Both look and function great, so it’s all about your goals and preferences.


Support for Font Awesome

Among the great things about the Web today, is the ever wider use of icon fonts, providing access to scalable, quality icons for every use. 


Comes with multiple Features

Responsive Bootstrap Grid, Bootstrap Components Compatible, Tabs, Accordion, Progress Bars, Buttons.


Quick Tabs integration

Quick Tabs allow you to create blocks of tabbed content.


Superfish menus

Listing+ integrates with the Superfish module supporting gorgeous multi-level drop-down menus with smooth motion.


Multiple font-schemes

Select among tens of different font-schemes, with font-families for all tastes and corporate identities. Just pick the one that fits you, with a couple of clicks from the theme settings.


Blogging goodies

Comes with support for the Blog module and a pre-activated blog*.
*The pre-activated blog is available only when the built-in installation profile is used.



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  • Single-Domain License
  • Single-Domain License

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2 - 15 - 2022



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CSS, HTML, Images, Javascript, PHP

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Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera, Safari



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