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Luna - Moon Widget

Luna - Moon Phases Widget

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Luna - Moon Widget

LUNA combines the beauty of a simple design, to the general and technical information you might want to know and show to your users regarding the moon in real time.

LUNA, basically calculates:

•   Current moon phase, with medium resolution image. Complete control of the widget design colors.

•   Technical and general details, like age (in days), iluminated fraction of the disk, phase percentage, distance, angular size (in arcseconds), name of the phase, sign position in the tropical system, and nakshatra sign and position in the sidereal system (using Lahiri’s system).

•   Previous and next phases: LUNA also displays the five major phases dates around your current time, in a cycle from one new moon to another.

•   For universality, times are all in UT (universal time) referred to Greenwich.


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