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An eclectic theme, for outstanding brands. Responsive and colorful, with a touch of eccentricity and grooviness. 

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  • Responsive & colorful, with a touch of eccentricity and grooviness. Bundled with Drupal Commerce.
  • For Drupal 7.
  • Comes bundled with a Drupal Commerce installation profile
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Responsive layout

MARKETSQUARE adjusts optimally to the width of the browser it is viewed on. As a result, it looks awesome regardless if it’s a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet your visitors are using.


1200px wide

Monitors constantly get wider nowadays, which is why MARKETSQUARE gives you plenty of space for your content with an initial width of 1200px on desktop – and as much as needed on mobile.


Comes in your favourite color

8 awesome color schemes to choose from: Yellow, Cyan, Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Pink and Gray. Just pick the one that fits your brand with a single click through the theme-settings.


Fixed Header positioning

Enjoy the latest goodness in navigation on the web, by activating the "fixed position" for the header, with a single click through the theme settings.


Extend beyond the grid

Add a touch of eccentricity to your site by expanding the design beyond the grid, with a single click through the theme settings.


Collapsed/Expanded Google map

Making it easy for your visitor to locate your business on the map plays an ever-growing role nowadays, and MARKETSQUARE does great in this direction.


Responsive and Rich Showcase layouts

While it's great to use "as is", MARKETSQUARE has been built with flexibility in mind equipped with feature-rich, two-, three- and four-column responsive layouts for the showcase presentation.


Multiple photos for your Services, Showcases & Blog entries

Show off your services, showcases and blog entries in all their glory.


Responsive column layouts

MARKETSQUARE comes with a multitude of pre-configured, responsive column layouts [one-third] [two-thirds] [one-fourth] [three-fourths] [one-half] so you can create pages tailored to your needs.


Responsive menu

MARKETSQUARE comes equipped with a plugin which transforms the Main menu of your site into a dropdown select list when viewed from a mobile device. And you can configure the behavior of this plugin through the theme settings.


Webform support

MARKETSQUARE integrates with the Webform module and supports gorgeous forms – anywhere you want them.



Drive your Slideshow easily with the built-in intelligence. Create “Slideshow entries” or just set your content* to be promoted and Voila! Add text, images or even full HTML.

Blog entry, Service, Showcase, Slideshow entry.


Superfish menus

MARKETSQUARE integrates with the Superfish module supporting gorgeous multi-level drop-down menus with smooth motion. Included is the horizontal or vertical sub-menus, the relocating of sub-menus & hyperlink menu descriptions when they’d appear outside the browser window area.


Multiple font-schemes

Select among tens of different font-schemes, with font-families for all tastes and corporate identities. Just pick the one that fits you with a couple of clicks from the theme settings.


Views at your disposal

Enjoy View blocks ready-made for your ease: Services, Latest Services, Showcases, Client Showcase, Latest posts, Promoted posts, Slideshow, Twitter Updates & Testimonials and yet much more.


Rich, no risk

Comes with a wealth of custom regions: Header left, Header right, Navigation, Banner, Highlighted, Featured, Content, First sidebar, Footer left, Footer right, Footer bottom left, Footer bottom right, Subfooter left and Subfooter right. Yet it’s end-to-end compliant with the default Drupal regions.

Article: MARKETSQUARE theme block regions


Blogging goodness

Comes with support for the Blog module and a pre-activated blog*.

*Installation profile


Add breadcrumb with a single click

Breadcrumb is good to your users, especially when your website turns big. So, just switch it on via the theme settings.


Beautiful and sophisticated yet lightweight.

Gorgeous design built to the last detail using HTML and CSS3 rather than images, speeding up your website's load times.


Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Comes with built-in twitter integration using the Twitter, OAuth and Views modules.



Enjoy attention to detail, provide your visitors those little goodies that make a difference such as a jQuery based “Scroll to Top”.


Installation profile

With its built-in installation profile it’s easy to have MARKETSQUARE up and running in a minute. 

Video: How to install on your Mac


Built with SEO in mind

Carefully crafted to comply with all the best practices recommended for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), like supporting clean URLs. Thoroughly tested to ensure full compatibility with all major SEO-related Drupal modules and practices.


Auto image resizing.

MARKETSQUARE comes with built-in and preconfigured image styles. You just upload your photos and they are placed in the way they should be.

Standard Features


Cross-browser compatible.

Thoroughly tested to be fully compatible with all modern web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 8 & 9.


Social media integration.

"Connect with us" links are built-in right into the design and functionality helping you maximize your interaction with users.



Built from the ground up, with respect to "Standards".


Top-class typography.

Thoroughly researched typography, with custom text styles for all HTML elements (text, list, form, tables) and support for Google fonts.


No rubbish. Crystal-clear markup.

We do our best to leave our code clear. We want you to easily read, understand and modify our code without pain.


Unique support.

We are here to share our passion for the web with you. Just contact us or check our constantly updated Wiki.


What you get is a complete Drupal distribution with an installation profile, which installs easily and is fully-functional in a minute. 


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  • Single-Domain License
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  • 5-Domain License
  • Developer License
  • Developer License

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2 - 15 - 2022




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CSS, HTML, Images, Javascript, PHP

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Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera, Safari



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