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Browser Caching
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HTML, CSS and JS Minification
Image Optimization
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Premium Optimization
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Fixing Bad Requests
Optimizing .htaccess or nginx.conf File
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Service Description

Speed-up WordPress Website and Cleaning The Code

We have many experiences with creating the WordPress Themes, so we know, that a lot of the WordPress Themes uses the code and the scripts, that are just useless. We can clean the code and speed up the WordPress Sites, so your customers will be certainly a lot more satisfied with you service. Why risk your potential customer/client when you can speed up your WordPress website for tiniest amount. After cleaning the code we will add some additional plugins to speed up your site:

» Core WordPress Optimization. 

» Enabling Website Page Caching. 

» Enabling Browser Caching. 

» Enabling GZip Compression. 

» HTML, CSS & JS Minification. 

» JS, CSS Manual Combining. (May not work on all sites) 

» Defer Parsing of Possible JavaScript Files 

» Image Optimization, Scaling & Resizing using 

» Removal of Query Strings 

» Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers. 

» Fixing Bad Requests. 

» Configuring ETags 

» Minimizing number of total requests. 

» Database and Object Caching. (Only on VPS & Dedicated Servers) 

» Optimizing .htaccess or nginx.conf file 

» Setting up a Content Delivery Network. (Optional) 

» Implementation of Server Level (Opcode) Caching for VPS/Dedicated Servers.

Briefing Details

Please provide us with the following details.

1. WordPress Admin Login Details. 

2. FTP/Hosting Control Panel Login Details. 

We will handle all problems all errors which is slowing down your website. It will effect your website speed!.

We will provide a Before and After Report for you to check the difference in performance that this service makes.

Total Price: $29

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