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Choosing the right theme for your Shopify store is a vital step in the web designing phase. There are hundreds of Shopify themes available. Some are paid while others are free. Each theme looks different and is crafted to suit a particular industry. So, how to choose the right theme for your Shopify e-commerce theme? It depends on many factors such as industry, budget, appetite for customer satisfaction and the available resources. But in general, you can follow specific steps to ensure that the Shopify theme you choose, suits your particular requirements.

VWThemes is pioneer in developing premium Shopify themes and provide useful features developed to make your Shopify store creation easier. VWThemes is known to offer innovative clean design, advance functionality, UI made to appeal human eyes, extensive documentation and support. Now no need to go anywhere, here is the best Shopify theme for your eCommerce store. Checkout the following features which VWThemes provide out-of-the box –

Completely Mobile Responsive – The universal trend from around the world is that 100% growth of mobile visitors compared to desktop visitor’s year over year. This trend is especially true in western countries such as USA, European Union countries and Middle East where in most cases there’s already more mobile internet shoppers than desktop ones. So it’s almost impossible to neglect mobile visitor’s user experience, no matter what your online store is selling – thus you need a solution for these visitors. It takes much more time to design and implement a responsive theme into a system such as Shopify compared to simply installing a mobile theme. Therefore it is always preferable to go for mobile responsive design which will save your time & money in long run. All the premium Shopify Themes developed by VWThemes are completely mobile responsive and can easily fit into any device type like android or Iphone or to any tablet size.


Cross Browser Compatible - It’s a common fact that people use different browsers and devices to visit your Shopify e-commerce store. If your store is incompatible with some of the major browsers, your users will have a poor browsing experience on your store and they will leave it ultimately losing the sales. VWThemes gives complete cross browser compatible premium Shopify theme so that your layout, content, images, and other elements carefully placed & increase your sales and revenue.

SEO Friendly and Optimized - Shopify usually is quite SEO friendly by default, but best shopify themes don’t necessarily follow the best practices in terms of SEO. A shopify theme with clean code and optimized template structure can help your e-commerce store to achieve good rankings in Google. Schema markup is a way of enhancing the code of your site to make its content not just visible, but also “understandable” to search engine. VWThemes structure the code in a way that it is easily searchable. Apart from that VWThemes Shopify theme doesn’t conflict with popular SEO plugins which are helpful in order to optimize your site for SEO. 

Integrated Google Map – Having Google map in any e-commerce store is a “must have” feature. This gives a chance to customers to locate the store information and store location(s) closet to them. You can also display store inventory online to help customer identify locations where products are available. The other advantages in using Google Map is that it will increase the online sales by targeting customer behavior as per their Geographic area and improve customer retention by improving merchandising options. Usually integrating Google Map in Shopify e-commerce can be quite challenging for non tech person, but VWThemes provides this facility as an inbuilt feature so that you don’t need to waste time in learning and implementing Google Map in you store.


Detailed Documentation and Friendly Customer Support - If you really have no idea about designing and customization, plugins, widgets, etc. in your Shopify e-commerce store than no worry at all. VW Shopify premium themes comes with detailed documentation on how to install and edit it. Being stuck at some point is not as scary if you have someone ready to help you at any moment. VWThemes provide free support when you get stuck down the line with regards to layout, design, plugins etc. Moreover VWThemes regularly update the Shopify premium theme to ensure that it’s compatible with latest versions of Shopify and is able to support new features of updated versions. Plus ongoing support saves you the hassle of having to pay someone else to fix any problems you encounter.

Social Media Sharing - Social media is pretty big nowadays. Almost every social media platform counts millions of users. Social media can help you bring additional traffic to your Shopify e-commerce store. On top of that, you can also connect with your target audience on social media. Therefore, Social media integration is an essential thing to do for marketing and branding of your e-commerce store in 21st century. VWTheme make sure that theme you choose supports social media functionality or is at least compatible with popular social plugins.


Unlimited Color Options - Color scheme is another thing that needs to be considered when creating a Shopify e-commerce store. Time is money and you will be spending a bundle if you don’t choose wisely in the beginning. VWThemes premium Shopify themes comes with hundreds of color options so that you can change quickly and easily. In case you decide you want to change with the seasons or will you need to hire a Shopify expert to go in and change all kinds of coding to give you the effect you are looking for.

YouTube Video integration - This Shopify theme offers an exclusive option to embed a youtube video in it. You can easily integrate videos related to your products, services, or tutorials helping the customers understand your brand better. Such a functionality of video integration is really effective in attracting more visitors towards your website. Showoff your achievements and accomplishments through a beautiful video using this engaging feature.


Currency Widget – Are you thinking about setting up a Shopify e-commerce store for selling worldwide products? If so you should consider providing users with a currency conversion feature. Currency conversion widget allows your prospective customers to have the cost of foreign currency amount translated to their home currency when purchasing products on Shopify store. The main benefit of having this widget is that it allows your customer to view and understand pricing in foreign countries in their own local currency and makes it easier for purchases to work out their cost and expenses. VWThemes premium Shopify themes provide currency widget to be directly integrated with your store.

With VWThemes Premium Shopify Themes you can set up your online store with the best e-commerce design and features. Go Ahead !! Establish your store, add your brand and showcase your product and start selling.

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