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ZBest is an absolutely fresh and comprehensive blog WordPress theme which is completely compatible with Gutenberg and allows you to create beautiful posts using all of the editing possibilities brought by this visual editor. The theme comes with a bunch of creative blog page layouts suited for lots of specific subjects. You can take advantage of standard, video, gallery, quote, and more post formats to perfectly highlight your preferable topic.


  1. How to install ZBest WordPress Theme
  2. Import Demo Content
  3. Customize Homepage Slider and Featured Box
  4. Styling Archive Pages' Titles Separately
  5. Styling and Coloring Category
  6. Assign Different Blog Style for Archive Pages
  7. Create Post in WordPress 5.0 Using New Block Editor
  8. Iconize Likes and Views Icons



ZBest Gutenberg WordPress Blog Theme

ZBest WordPress blog theme gives you the powerful of elegant and simple blogging, With a new block editor from WordPress called Gutenberg you will feel the difference in everything, Creating articles will be eaiser and faster than before. ZBest blog theme is well-designed to be readable in all devices, smartphones and tablets.

ZBest has two other amazing features "Views Counter and Like Reacting" which are very important for all bloggers, The view counter helping you to know which article pull the visitors and to study your mistakes while creating the new articles, on the other hand the Likes Reacting measure the articles' lovers so you will discover the way to modify other articles to get more lovers, It's very suitable for feminine, clean and minimal blogs.

WordPress 5.0 Bebo

ZBest WordPress Blog theme designed to be fully compatible with both old WordPress’ versions and the most recent one v5.0 called Bebo With new Amazing Block Editor from WordPress which called Gutenberg., The new block editor easy-to-use , very fast in saving and save your time with dozens of options available which you can see in the demo posts.

WooCommerce Shop

ZBest is fully compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce plugin v5 and Greater, which help you to create your own shop to view and sell your products or the digital goods like Music, Movies etc.. online.

ZBest is well-designed with AJAX add to cart to give your client good experience without reloading page for each add product to cart.

Live Customizer

Zbest using WordPress live customizer to monitor changes live with an amazing feature called AJAX in order to save your time and watch colors preview immediately while modifications, You can switch between features available and see the changes immediately just without reloading the page.

RTL Languages Support

ZBest is well-designed to be compatible with RTL languages with Arabic translation included as well, You can translate it in your language using an app like POEdit very easily, It doesn’t matter what your language is Farsi, Urdu or Hebrew, Once ZBest is activated everything will appear correctly from the right.

Unlimited Sidebars

Zbest comes with a new post type called Sidebar which let you to add sidebars like posts and once it saved you will see the new sidebar in the Widgets page to fill it with widgets and use it in Homepage, a certain post, or page or in archive pages as well.

Sticky Sidebar

The sticky sidebars is one of the most amazing features you should have in your blog because it will increase your adv CTR so it will increase your profit margin. Just put your adv widget in the last position and watch the new CTR rate, It will stick at the end and it will be always visible for your website visitors.

Instant Search

A very useful feature for blog websites called instant search, This feature will help your customers to find keywords instantly without reload the page and of course the normal search is available also, You can just switch between them from the options.

Mobile Navigation

Mobile navigation is the menu you will see in the small screens such as tablets and smartphones by clicking on the trigger icon have three small lines because the menu is very wide for those devices, You can see the same menu items or you can customize a different menu to be displayed in the mobile devices.

Styling Archive Pages Separately

ZBest theme allowing you to discriminate each Archive (Category, Tag, Archive, Search, Author) Pages’ header with a different style, Each archive has an option to select between Solid Color, Background Image and Video backgrounds so you can set an image background for the date archive and set a video background to tag archive or the category, etc.

Styling & Coloring Categories

The categories are very important in the WordPress themes so we take care of it very well, ZBest has a unique tool in category pages to give a unique color for each one and to discriminate the category’s page header with a unique header other than the rest of archive pages that already styled in the Live Customizer.

+5 Styles Page Slider

The slider area always appear in the homepage so it’s very important for the first look so we provide +5 styles for this area to look beautiful, You have a full wide style which is suitable for travel blogs, multiple items suitable for food blogs and the small width style which is very beautiful for minimal blogs.

Hand-Picked Featured Box

The hand-picked featured box under the slider has two options to display its images, custom links with images and pick certain posts, The both options are available in two styles (Slider and Grid), You can reach the both styles from the main menu features item.

+8 Blog Layout But +26 Styles

ZBest has 8 blog styles and you can switch between all features available as you wish, so you can change the metas box direction from horizontal to vertical for all styles and display post formats [Music, Video] instead of the post image in the grid and list styles.

Different Blog Layout / Archive Page

ZBest has a unique feature let you to discriminate any archive page (Category, Tag, Archive, Search, Author) with a different blog style which gives you the full control to make your customers enjoy with your blog and be the best.

Author, Format, Views, Likes and More..

Once you install the Core plugins ZBest Core and Post Views Counter you will be able to see the views and likes icons which gives your visitors the ability to interact with your blog articles, on the other hand you will be able to monitor your visitors activities as well as display the most liked and most viewed articles in a widget and display it in the Homepage.

Sortable Social Icons

The sorting control gives you the ability to sort the share icons in the blog items and posts separately as well as sorting the social icons available for menu, around the logo, widgets, about widget and footer areas separately.

Smart Sticky Menu

The smart menu is a new feature to show the menu when you need it only by scrolling the mouse up so you will save a space for reading well, and like always you can switch between three options for that sticky feature turn it off, enable smart sticky called upwards or select always sticky.

+5 Styles for Post Gallery

Zbest gives you the ability to customize the gallery posts with +5 styles Slider, Masonry 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, and the popular style called Justified Gallery, You can see the difference between all styles from Post Formats menu item in any demo website.

Instagram and Social Icons Footer

With Instagram footer you can display the recent or random stories from your Instagram account to increase your followers, just read the documentation to see how to setup your dashboard, On the other hand you can display a different set of your social icons in the footer under the Instagram photos directly.

1K Google Fonts

ZBest has a lot of Typography options with up to 1K Google fonts to be able to customize every small piece with a different font, So you can modify slider, featured area box and blog titles font other than the font for posts and pages' titles.

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WordPress 5.6.x



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